I gif my obsessions (currently Sherlock, Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy, and Nagron from Spartacus)


Theo Rossi when asked what filming the last season of Sons of Anarchy has been like.
DVD commentary - 410 - Hands

Maggie Siff: This is the last moment of happiness.

Kurt Sutter: Enjoy the park. [LAUGHS]

MS: It’s all downhill from here.

ep210  ||  ep701 -- Juice + nature shows

Juice + hand sanitizers/disinfectant wipes

DVD commentary - 401 - Out 

Charlie Hunnam: What is that mustache? [LAUGHS]

behind the scenes
R E D   S A N D S
4x02 Booster (deleted scene)
403 Dorylus  ||  410 Hands